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Pro-Germinator® is the backbone of a dynamic fertilizer program.

Pro-Germinator® is used primarily for the application of phosphorus, but is partnered with nitrogen, potassium, and micronutrients for maximum performance. Pro-Germinator®, through proprietary manufacturing technology, contains both ortho-phosphate and carbon-protected polymer phosphate to provide readily available and controlled-release phosphorus with minimal danger of tie-up in the soil.

Phosphorus is a nutrient that is critical for early plant development in a crop as well as in the reproductive stages. AgroLiquid’s Pro-Germinator is formulated to be available for crop utilization during a wide window of time. At AgroLiquid, we commit considerable resources to providing answers to managing this nutrient. We apply Pro-Germinator to a wide variety of crops and in just about every method imaginable. Providing proper phosphorus nutrition to a plant is so important that AgroLiquid constantly evaluates the response from applications of Pro-Germinator.

ProGerminator Usage Photo

This information was taken directly from AgroLiquid's website.