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Ground Application

Ground App Image

To stay on the leading edge of application technology and to understand the latest in disease and pest management, our professional applicators attend training and workshop events year round. Besides presentations featuring introductions of new products and their proper placement and usage, ongoing training also enables an understanding of the newest nozzle technologies and the best combinations of superior adjuvants, crop protection and fertility products.

Across our service area, Tyree Ag currently operates five high clearance ground rigs, each supported with its own tender truck and trailer. We are ready to serve you through our two primary locations in Kinsley, KS and Laverne, OK. Both of these locations maintain a vast and comprehensive inventory of products so that we are equipped and ready to provide timely application services through our equipment. Our customers that choose to do their own on-farm applications also have full access to a supply of quality products at competitive pricing.

Day after day, season after season, our customers rely on Tyree Ag's ground application department for timely application of fertilizer and crop protection products.