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Phytech is a leading global producer and provider of crop management technology solutions. Tyree Ag can help you optimize your yields.


"Corn yields are very sensitive to water stress. The low-stress tolerance applies for the entire season and is heightened in the reproductive stage. Research studies quantify each day of water stress in the weeks before and after pollination at 4% to 8% yield loss. Phytech's three seasons of commercial trials confirm these results."


"Irrigation management plays a key role in growing cotton. While water stress can result in yield loss and quality reduction, over-irrigation can lead to similar results as well. Phytech plant-based technology provides cotton growers a tool to optimize their irrigation."



How does it work?
A cotton stalk shrinks during the day as a response to lowering water levels. The more it is stressed, the more it contracts, before replenishing again at night. Phytech's algorithms utilize this shrink-swell mechanism as a tool to quantify water stress. 

The Phytech Solution

  • Phytech provides stress prediction and irrigation planning tools.
  • Sensors on selected plants continuously measure changes in stem diameter, which are translated into plant stress indications.
  • Phytech identifies yield-reducing stress and immediately alerts growers on mobile and web platforms.
  • Supporting parameters included in the system: irrigation monitoring, climate data, and satellite image analysis. 

Direct plant sensing for the determination of water stress is the most accurate way to make irrigation decisions. Phytech's propriety technology, a combination of plant sensors and plant stress algorithms, is the best plant-based system available to growers today.

Why Growers Choose Phytech
From production optimization to full automation - this is why growers manage and optimize irrigations with Phytech.

  • Optimize yields
  • Save water and other resources
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Know pressure
  • Actionable recommendations
  • Full automation
  • Hassle-free
  • We've got your back



Visit Phytech for more information.