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N-Suite Nitrogen

For most crops, excluding legumes, nitrogen management is a critical component of maximizing return on a fertilizer investment. Nitrogen, because of how it cycles through various forms, can sometimes be tricky to harness for maximum efficiency. It doesn’t stay in one form for an extended period and to add an element of difficulty, the most common form the plant uses, which is the nitrate form, is also the most susceptible to moving with water. This has led to scrutiny from the general population concerned over the presence of nitrates in water supplies. Balancing crop demands with increased accountability over the uncertain fate of nitrogen makes it imperative that growers constantly evaluate their nitrogen management.

AgroLiquid recognizes the challenge faced by growers in trying to manage nitrogen for maximum uptake by the crop. AgroLiquid offers solutions in our N-Suite of products. The most popular product in this family is High NRG-N. Manufactured to slow the conversion to nitrate nitrogen, it allows a wider window of application to align with management practices of the grower. This product has a proven history of producing excellent yields while being utilized by the crop rather than leaving the production environment for an unintended destination. Typical use rates would range from 10 gal/A up to 60 gal/A and would be determined based on the crop and yield expectations.

Also in the N-Suite family is NResponse. This nitrogen product is intended for specific targeted applications. These can range from foliar applications to applications through irrigation systems during the reproductive phase of a crop. 1 to 3 gal/A would be the range for foliar applications and 1 to 10 gallons per acre would be common rates for soil or application through irrigation systems.

AgroLiquid also has eNhance in the N-Suite. This product contains sulfur, as well as some key chlorophyll building micronutrients. This product is generally added to urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) solutions and works to help the nitrogen perform more efficiently. Adding this at 2 gal/ton of 28%, or 2.25 gal/ton with 32%, has shown to make UAN perform at a higher level.

Performance of all products in the N-Suite can be verified through the extensive results available on AgroLiquid's Research page.


*This information was taken directly from AgroLiquid's website.