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Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizers

Liquid Nitrogen to Improve Crop Yields and Soil Health


Nitrogen plays a major role in increasing yields. A crop's yield is directly correlated with available nitrogen, but the nitrogen cycle is complex. It can be difficult to maintain the right amounts of crop-available nitrogen. Our agronomists have developed different products to solve nitrogen deficiencies and bolster vegetative growth at different stages, ultimately boosting yields. Our products are also formulated to work alongside crop protection products and the existing technology you use, so they can be applied quickly and efficiently to many different crops.

Read below about our Nitrogen products or visit the AgroLiquid website.


eNhance Micronutrient and Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer
Improving nitrogen utilization
AgroLiquid's eNhance liquid nitrogen fertilizer is designed to supplement nitrogen fertilizer programs and improve nitrogen utilization. Using eNhance as a part of nitrogen-management program may allow conventional nitrogen solutions to be applied at reduced rates while still maintaining optimal yield potential. eNhance is easy to apply and mixes well with crop protection products, so you can monitor and manage nitrogen in the soil more easily.

Product Benefits

  • Requires lower amounts of nitrogen fertilizer overall, protecting soil and environmental health
  • Shown to improve crop yield, quality
  • Easy to apply and requires no extra trips
  • Provides crop-available sulfur, manganese, and zinc in addition to nitrogen


High NRG-N Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer
Slow-release, plant-usable nitrogen
Nitrogen is abundant in the soil, but most of this is not actually usable to plants. High NRG-N is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer designed to supply slow-release nitrogen that plants can use continuously throughout the growing season. This product can provide plants with the nitrogen they need while reducing the nitrogen tie-up in the soil, and run-off into rivers, ponds, and lakes.

Product Benefits

  • Reduces the amount of nitrogen fertilizer required, sustains high yields while protecting the environment
  • Clean and easy to apply as a planter placement, broadcast, drip irrigation, band placement, sidedress, and more.
  • Can be tank-mixed with other nutrients and crop protection products


NResponse Urea-Based liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer
Fast, easy to apply nitrogen
At the first signs of nitrogen deficiency, there often is still time to correct the problem before it damages yields. NResponse is a fast-acting liquid nitrogen fertilizer that restores plant-usable nitrogen in the soil quickly. It can be applied as a foliar, planter placement, topdress, sidedress, and fertigation. it can also be mixed with other nutrients and crop protection products, so you can apply at nearly any time.

Product Benefits

  • Works quickly to help correct nitrogen deficiencies
  • Easy to apply without making extra trips
  • Can be mixed with other nutrients and crop protection products
  • Suitable for a wide range of crops and many growing stages.


PrimAgroN Biological and Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer
Quick, simple to apply nitrogen
PrimAgro N is a biological and liquid nitrogen fertilizer that not only provides plant-usable nitrogen, but also restores the health of microbially deficient soil. Beneficial bacteria and other microbes are essential to the nitrogen cycle, and when these microorganisms are replenished, they help to make more nitrogen usable to plants. PrimAgro N is made with urea nitrogen, sulfur, and bacteria cultures that are shown to optimize nitrogen utilization.

Product Benefits

  • Improves the health and longevity of the soil
  • Improves the profile of plant-available nitrogen
  • Improves root growth and mass


*This information was taken directly from AgroLiquid's website.