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Automatic Mouse Traps

Tyree Ag is a dealer for Automatic Trap Company.


About Automatic Trap Company


Automatic, Non-Toxic, and Certified Humane

Rats and mice thrive because of humans—they feed on the garbage and byproducts that we create. Unfortunately, killing them is often necessary. That said, it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re going about it in the right way.

We believe passionately in eradicating rats and mice in a safe, humane, and efficient manner. Our vision is to eliminate preventable suffering of these rodents –and we feel we're one step closer with every trap we ship.

Building A Better Mouse Trap

Sadly, the three most common ways to kill rats—glue traps, snap traps, and poison—are incredibly cruel. Glue traps are an inhumane and unnecessary way to end a rodent’s life. Snap traps often fail to kill quickly, and they only work on either rats or mice. Poison results in a slow, painful death and exposes other wildlife, such as predator birds, to the same harm.

At Automatic Trap, we’re breaking the cycle of inhumane and potentially harmful rodent control through the distribution of the A24 Rat and Mouse trap. We offer a pragmatic solution that eliminates rats and mice in the most humane and efficient way possible.

Who We Are

Automatic Trap Inc. was started in 2016 by entrepreneur and Founder, Blair Calder. We’re the exclusive distributor Goodnature® A24 in Canada and the United States. The A24 was created by conservationists in New Zealand to protect local bird populations from invasive mammals.

The Goodnature® A24 Rat and Mouse Trap was designed using innovative and advanced manufacturing processes, while focusing on humane killing methods. The A24 is certified humane, toxin-free, kills rodents instantly, and automatically resets for up to 24 kills.


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