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Tyree Ag: COVID-19 May 11 Update


Tyree Ag COVID-19 Update 

To our customers, we thank you.

Thank you for carrying out the essential needs of agriculture and continuing to play your part in helping to feed the world.

Thank you for understanding our company’s need to social distance while continuing to strive to make your job easier. We have missed our face to face meetings, your appearances at the office, and our sales visits to your farms. During these unprecedented times have learned to more efficiently utilize our resources in order to preform our duties, however we look forward to re-opening our offices to the public. We appreciate your continued business and we look forward to a great year of crop production.

Thank you for choosing Tyree Ag as your business partner. We are committed to you and the value we can bring to your operation. Our office doors are re-opening to the public, but we will continue to take precautionary measures and practice safe social distancing to promote both our safety and yours.

  1. Tyree Ag offices are allowing foot traffic, however please only one customer in at a time. If you or someone around you has been sick recently, please continue to communicate with the office and/or sales staff virtually.
  2. If you prefer, you can continue to submit payments at our drop box located outside the main office or by mail. Receipts will be mailed to you.
  3. We encourage customers coming to pick up product to continue to call ahead so our team can have it ready for you before you arrive.


If you have any questions, please call 620-659-2208 (Kinsley) or 580-921-3162 (Laverne).

Kinsley Sales Staff
Lacey Parton 620-253-1400
Tom Daniels 620-253-5185
Trevor Tyree 620-253-2604
Cole Eubank 620-388-0496
Tim Tyree 620-285-5300

Kinsley Warehouse Staff
Alex Habiger 620-255-3697
Sam Dancy 620-393-1123
JimBob Bowman 620-338-2929

Laverne Sales & Warehouse Staff
Jay Dee Nielsen 580-334-6819
Molly Green 580-334-5181
Sammy Burch 580-527-1048
Tim Tyree 620-285-5300