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Rain, Muddy Pick Ups, & Headworms - Blog

As we enter September, you may see our yellow ag plane more frequently and dirtier Tyree Ag pick up trucks than normal. Why do you ask? (No it's not that our salesmen have gotten lazy!) More than normal precipitation, sugarcane aphids, and headworms are the direct reason. 

Our salesmen are in and out of the muddy sorghum fields checking for sugarcane aphids and headworms. Headworms attack multiple crops including sorghum heads. Plants are most vulnerable to injury during the bloom to milk stages with larvae heavily damaging the seed heads. According to K-State Research and Extension Entomology, all four aphid species (corn leaf, green bugs, sugarcane, and yello sugarcane) are still in posing threats to sorghum fields. "Some of the fields treated for headwomrs havae reduced numbers of bebeficials so they may not be there in suffciient numbers to help control the aphids. However, some of the firlds sampled this week that were sprayed for headworms at least 2 weeks ago had pretty good populations of beneficials already building back up."
Learn more about sugarcane aphids from our previous blog post. Sugarcane Aphid - Tyree Ag Edition


Producers should check their sorghum fields when it begins to head and continue to do so once or twice a week. 1-2 worms per head can justify control as we generally consider 5% loss per worm per head. 

Our pilots and ground support are working long hours to help control and reduce yield loss! Contact your salesman or call Tyree Ag (866-897-3324) to learn more.


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