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Tyree Ag - Soybean Insects found in Pawnee County, KS - Blog

Green Cloverworms

Photos taken in Pawnee County, KS 

Green cloverworms are light-green caterpillars with three white stripes on each side. Larvae have three pairs of legs near the head, three pairs in the middle of the body, and one pair at the body's end. They cause irregular holes in leaves and can cause major defoliation. Fields need to be treated if more than 35% defoliation occurs during pod set and no white, fungal infected larvae are present.


Painted Lady Caterpillars




Photos taken in Pawnee County, KS 

Painted Lady Caterpillar (Thistle Caterpillars) Larvae are covered by branched black spines or hairs over much of the body and are usually clustered while small. Adult butterflied have reddish wings with black and white markings. Larvae web together and skeletonize leaves but generally only in localized areas. Fields need to be treated when there are 10 or more larvae per row foot and/or there is more than 35% defoliation by worms that are shorter than 1/2 inch at pod set.

Find out more about insects in soybeans by checking out the K-State Research and Extension Agronomy Soybean Production Handbook.


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