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Tyree Ag Initiates Matching Fund Campaign - Blog


In response to the devastating fires in early March of this year, Tyree Ag has initiated a matching funds campaign to help raise financial support for those in the Clark County area.  With the generous support of many of Tyree Ag’s vendors, suppliers and business associates, we are getting close to our initial pledge goal of $100,000.  This initial pledge will be used as matching funds for others to also contribute and provide some assistance to the victims of those fires.  The intent is to create the most value for every dollar contributed and to stretch those dollars as far as possible.

Ten years ago on May 4th, 2007 was the Greensburg, KS tornado and many of you know that our family lost our home in that storm.  The support and generosity my family received then has not been forgottenI am truly appreciative of those who helped us through that experience.  “Pay It Forward” was a common phrase used by many after the tornado.

With numerous homes, hundreds of cattle and over 4,000 miles of fencing lost, the monetary losses in Clark County alone are staggering.  Many of you are aware that it cost an estimated $10,000 to replace a mile of fence.  That cost burden for fencing alone will be over $40 million dollars.  When I initially thought about how Tyree Ag could help, I was somewhat overwhelmed thinking that whatever we contributed would be an insignificant drop in the bucket compared to the overall financial need.  Our primary fertilizer supplier, Agro Liquid Fertilizers, also wanted to contribute but felt the same way.  However, we also knew that anything donated would be appreciated and definitely needed.  So we decided to combine our contributions and invite other suppliers and associates to do the same with the intent of being able to provide a significant contribution.  While a few suppliers have already committed to contributing through other means, EVERYONE I’ve discussed this with has contributed something and has been grateful for the opportunity to provide assistance. 

There is never a good time for any of us to go through the challenges of a disaster such as this.  We are all very aware and certainly have no doubt that the agricultural economy is currently very strained.  Even in these difficult times, agricultural producers from around the country have been contributing feed and supplies.  I know some of Tyree Ag’s customers have already contributed feed and supplies to the area affected and I want to thank them for those contributions.  As advocates for agriculture, this should reassure us all that we are in the fight together.

Now I’m asking for your help.  Please know that every dollar you contribute will be matched in this effort.  Our overall goal is $200,000 and I know we can achieve that goal.  All donations should be made to the Ashland Community Foundation which is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Please make your check payable to the Ashland Community Foundation and note Tyree Ag Partners Fund in the memo line to assure the match.  The address is PO Box 276, Ashland, KS  67831.  Or you can drop your check off at a Tyree Ag location and we will make sure it’s delivered.

June 1st is the deadline in Clark County for submitting applications for home and agriculture loss.  At this time the Ashland Community Foundation plans to use those applications to determine individual need and distribute accordingly.  Please make your donation AS SOON AS POSSIBLE  so that funds can be allocated and distributed to those who need assistance as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your contribution to this worthy cause,

Tim Tyree


**Please note: The deadline for these funds has been extended!


Ashland Community Foundation

Kansas Fire Relief