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Tyree Ag Employee Recognition - Blog

Tyree Ag is starting a new tradition within the company, recognizing employees for their years of service and dedication. At one of our bi-monthly meal that Tyree Ag offers their employees, we recognized all employees who have been with the company for five and ten years. Employees received certificates and a gift for both their 5 and 10 year anniversaries. In the future, we plan to do this on a regular basis as a work anniversary arrives.

 Employees who have accomplished 5 years or more of service at Tyree Ag with owners, Tim & Paige Tyree
BR: Lacey Parton, Tom Daniels, Tim Tyree, Avery Sollock, JimBob Bowman,
FR: Beverly Alvarez, Paige Tyree, Molly Green, Tonya Taylor, David Solberg.
(Not pictured: Dean Stegman & Jay Dee Nielsen)


Employees who have accomplished 10 years or more of service at Tyree Ag with owners, Tim & Paige Tyree
Tim Tyree, Paige Tyree, Avery Sollock, Tonya Taylor (Not pictured: Dean Stegman)


Thank you everyone for your hard work over the years!

Tim Tyree: owner since 2000
Paige Tyree: owner since 2000
Dean Stegman: employed since February 2004
Avery Sollock: employed since October 2005
Tonya Taylor: employed since February 2007
JimBob Bowman: employed since June 2007
Molly Green: employed since February 2009
David Solberg: employed since February 2009
Jay Dee Nielsen: employed since February 2011
Tom Daniels: employed since April 2011
Lacey Parton: employed since April 2012
Beverly Alvarez: employed since April 2012