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Thanksgiving and Agriculture

Although it may seem impossible to get a group of farmers together for a meal, thankfully it can be done. Often times it’s the end of a harvest, a family celebration, or a holiday meal such as Thanksgiving that brings producers to the table; none-the-less it is a time to reflect on the good times, make memories with family, and to be thankful for all that we have. On this joyous holiday, Tyree Ag is thankful for their employees, partners, distributors, and especially their customers for the relationships we have with each and every one of you.

In this turkey-carving season, we often forget agriculture’s role in putting the Thanksgiving meal on the table. Families prepare feasts that include goodies such as turkeys, hams, potatoes, corn, and even WINE – all which got their start on a farm, ranch, vineyard, or vegetable operation. We all know the preparation of the meal is a difficult task, but producing the crop that lands on our tables is quite the costly chore itself.    


“Thanksgiving is the perfect time to raise awareness of this fact and give thanks to farmers for what they do every day to put food on your dinner table,” said NFU President Roger Johnson. According to Johnson, among some of the “startling statistics” in the Thanksgiving Farmers Share are:

-Wheat farmers receive just 7 cents from the $3.39 consumers spend on a 15 oz. box of stuffing.

-Turkey farmers net just over half (93 cents) of the retail value for a pound of turkey ($1.78).

-Pumpkin farmers receive 25 cents, a mere 6.4 percent, of the $3.89 spend for canned pumpkin pie mix. 

The report is based on calculations derived from the monthly Agriculture Prices report produced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), and compared to price points of common grocery food items at Safeway supermarket.


As we all celebrate this Thanksgiving day and weekend, please remember to give thanks to our farmers and ranchers. Safe travels to you all and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

*All Tyree Ag office locations will be closed on Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27 and will reopen on Monday, November 30.