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The Chipotle Restaurant Crisis - Blog

It’s terrible that there has been yet another outbreak from a restaurant that claims to be a leader in food safety and quality. I don’t think Chipotle deserved their recent food safety crisis, but they made a big mistake in thinking their “food with integrity” is safer.

Click here to read the article Chipotle: Clean Up Your Own House First

Katie Stockstill Sawyer posted this link earlier saying, "Great quote at the conclusion of this piece: "I worry that they look at food safety from the organic, non-GMO, sustainability, animal welfare standpoint," Marler said. "And a lot of people in that space, in that agricultural movement, tend to believe that because they do those things their food is automatically safer than food that's served at McDonald's or Jack in the Box or Walmart. But that's just not the case."

The terms non-GMO, organic, and antibiotic-free do not mean “safer” but are all terms that describe a product. A quote from Debbie Lyons-Blythe, “Food safety lies in how a product is stored, prepared and served – and Chipotle has proven it cannot effectively manage that process. This is not an agriculture issue – this is a restaurant management issue.”

Tyree Ag's goal is not to take sides in matters such as these, however we do hope to get the right information out and to help educate people on the facts. Many consumers fear the food they eat simply from social media posts and photos but fail to look further into the issue. As producers and consumers, it is our duty to share our information to educate others, as well as to stay up-to-date on matters such as these. It is also our obligation to voice our facts, opinions, and thoughts towards those who are against our practices in a calm, responsible, and respectful manner.