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National 4-H Week : Lacey Parton - Blog

Tyree Ag salesman, Lacey Parton, grew up in Haskell County 4-H and a member of the Cloverleaf 4-H Club for about seven years. Projects he participated in were: woods, foods, buymanship, sheep, and swine. He enjoyed learning a great amount of livestock education, including vet issues, grooming, and proper nutrition. He is thankful for learning how to cook through 4-H by going to project meetings throughout the year and taking items to the county fair. Lacey remembers giving project talks and is thankful for the mentorship he got from the older members.

Now Lacey lives in LaCrosse, KS where he supports area 4-H clubs throughout the year. He believes the program is important because it teaches youth leadership, responsibility, and confidence. 

Thank you Lacey for sharing your 4-H story in honor of National 4-H Week! Check back tomorrow to see more from Tyree Ag employees!