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Dicamba Applicator Trainings - Blog

BASF representatives, John Avellar and Brian Taylor, will be having two open dicamba applicator trainings available for anyone who plans to spray dicamba products  XtendiMax, Fexapan, and/or Engenia. All growers and applicators are invited that still need to get their training in order to spray the approved dicamba formulations. 


Training Option #1
Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Time: 1:00pm 
Location: Twilight Theatre - Greensburg, KS (200 S Main St, Greensburg, KS 67054)

Training Option #2
Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Stafford County Annex Building - St. John, KS (210 E 3rd Ave, St John, KS 67576)


In 2017, The EPA reached an agreement with Monsanto and BASF to classify the herbicide dicamba as a restricted use pesticide to mitigate further drift incidents. The product can now be applied only by certified applicators or someone in the presence of a certified applicator. Other changes to the dicamba label include requiring special dicamba training for applicators and reducing the maximum application wind speed from 5 to 10 miles per hour. Farmers will also have to keep detailed records to ensure compliance and help trace future crop damage. These changes were voluntarily agreed to by Monsanto and BASF.