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Conventional AND Organic Agriculture Applications - Blog

This Forbes article, Why I don't Buy Organic, And Why You Might Now Want to Either written by Steven Savage, addresses common assumptions and fears of those who are deciding between conventional and organic products. We don't feel that we can or should persuade someone to choose either way, but do believe it is important for consumers to be well-informed and open-minded when it comes to understanding and comparing foods, farming practices, and overall where there food comes from. 

"The USDA, which oversees the foods labels as "Certified Organic", states quite clearly on its website about its role in organic, that 'Our regulations do not address food safety or nutrition.' Foods labeled "Certified Organic" must adhere to certain rules and regulations but aren't endowed with any particular nutritional or safety features."

"From an environmental perspective, the biggest issue for organic is that it requires significantly more land to achieve the same level of production [as conventional]. Where organic to become more than a niche category, this yield gap would be highly problematic from an environmental point of view."

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