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AgroLiquid: Potassium - Blog


Angie Bunn, AgroLiquid Communication Specialist

Potassium (K) is absorbed by plants in larger amounts than any other mineral nutrient except nitrogen, and is required for nutrient movement in the plant. It is essential for the makeup of over 40 different enzymes and is involved in more than 60 different enzyme systems in plants. Potassium is also important in the formation of sugars and starches in plants. Crops that produce a large amount of carbohydrates (sugars) such as cotton, almonds, alfalfa, grapes, cherries, and peaches require large amounts of potassium.

Potassium is used by plants to regulate the process of opening and closing the stomatal openings of their leaves. That process influences water use efficiency and carbon dioxide use in the plant. Potassium's influence on cell turgor pressure and water relations in the plant helps resist the effects of drought and temperature extremes, and aids resistance to many plant diseases.

The Problem
Depending on soil type, 90-98% of total soil potassium is unavailable. Feldspars and micas are clays that contain large amounts of potassium, but plants cannot use the nutrient if it is trapped between the layers of those clays. In persistently dry soils, potassium remains unavailable, as there is no water film surrounding the soil particles. Over time, these minerals break down, and the potassium is release. However, this process is too slow to provide crops the amount of potassium needed for optimal yield. 

The Opportunity
Sure-K® has been serving in the industry for over 20 years. Designed as a full-season planter-time potassium source, its application options have been expanding since its inception. Sure-K can be applied in-furrow, strip-till, 2X2, sidedress, broadcast on small grains and forage crops, and as a foliar. Sure-K provides the same amount of usable potassium per gallon as 10-13 units of potash. AgroLiquid's Flavonol Polymer Technology can deliver the potassium in Sure-K to the plant with superior accuracy and efficiency. Sure-K's ability to provide foliar potassium has proven to be an excellent method to deliver potash in-season, allowing a grower to delay their decision to maximize nutrient inputs until they can better judge the potential of the crop. Sure-K has unparalleled compatibility with other AgroLiquid products and many crop protection products industry-wide. Sure-K remains an industry-leading potassium source proven through research and trusted by growers. 

Kalibrate® was developed as a full-season, planter-time liquid potassium source complimented by AgroLiquid's Flavonol Polymer Technology. A gallon of Kalibrate can provide the same amount of usable potassium as 10-13 units of potash in a grower's fertility program. In addition to the potash, Kalibrate also brings the equivalent of two units of sulfur per gallon supplied to help balance the nutrient program for the crop. Kalibrate has excellent application flexibility and can be applied in-furrow, strip-till, 2X2, sidedress, and broadcast on small grains and forage crops without risk of crop injury. Also, this product has superior application compatibility and can be partnered with all AgroLiquid products as well as many other industry compounds. Growers have quickly adopted Kalibrate's research-proven technologies in their crop nutrition programs, and have been rewarded with dependable results. 

Unsurpassed application flexibility and compatibility along with research-proven, farmer-trusted results. That's AgroLiquid.

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This information taken from AgroLiquid's Spring 2018 Quarterly Newsletter.